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Specialising in creating back office software, secure websites and web and mobile applications.

Our team

Located in Bournemouth, our team of in-house specialists comprise of designers, developers, software engineers, sysadmin, quality control, user experience/user interface (UX/UI) consultants and content writers/editors. Our core disciplines are Java, PHP, XHTML/CSS, Android, iOS and Drupal.

Keeping everything in-house ensures the highest possible quality control and delivery of successful projects while being flexible enough to adapt to our clients’ often unique requirements.

At Bluerock we believe that quality design and quality code are a symbiosis of talent not separate entities, producing systems, websites and applications that are intuitive to navigate, reliable, secure and a joy to use.

We are not robots


MOHC are experts in creating sophisticated web/app based data driven systems as evidenced by our Lloydspharmacy Online Doctor service, Online Patient Management System (OPMS), NHS Hiv Testing,  innovative and award winning* ASDA PGD service and Medic healthcare app. We provide an excellent ongoing development and support service to our clients.

*Best use of Technology in the 2013 Independent Healthcare awards.

Our platforms provide eCommerce, financial and project management information, online health records, patient management and online expert prescribing and dispensing. Our range of cloud based application services are in use by over 1 million patients and 4,000 pharmacies in the UK, Ireland, Australia and USA.

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