Key principles

Streamline your back office processes and join up your data with Budgie.

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Single data entry

Data is entered once and becomes immediately visible within the system, avoiding duplication, overspend and error, resulting in improved efficiency. Seamlessly push and pull data through a single browser interface.



User permissions are matched to organisational structure; from executive summaries to single project views, resources are set at departmental and user level. Any number of modules can be added to extend functionality.



All financial and individually identifiable data is protected behind secure firewalls and user permissions, and all actions are kept as a permanent record. Access audit trails for internal or Freedom of Information requests immediately.

Streamline your back office

Organisations of all sizes, public and private, thrive on the data they collect, but is this data of any benefit? How much data actually adds value or is in a state that can be used beyond the document in which it was entered?

Digital Transformation projects have been under way within organisations for years and moving to a digital first position is rapidly taking centre stage as businesses upgrade existing systems or purchase new versions.

The Budgie Single View Data Management platform replaces spreadsheets and text documents with an intuitive browser based user interface that looks and works in a similar way. However, unlike with spreadsheets and text documents, data only needs to be entered once.

Streamlined back office

Access anytime, anywhere

No delay in availability of data, no limit to number of users, departments or financial years. Budgie is entirely web based and only requires a computer with a secure, currently supported browser; no additional software is required. Any amount of extension modules can be added, and Budgie will easily work with, or replace your existing software. Hosting is on our high performance servers.

Security is paramount

Budgie has been built by our own developers experienced in creating systems and applications that handle highly sensitive personal medical information. The same exacting standards of secure data handling and transport have been incorporated into the design of the Budgie platform.

All releases are subject to a rigorous Quality Assurance process and are regularly checked against the latest security updates and standards. Budgie is regularly penetration tested by independently accredited security experts.

The Budgie platform is monitored 24/7/365 and has a three-tiered architecture providing separation between the data storage, the application service and the web facing front end service. It has hourly automated backups to minimise the risk of lost data. Should a system failure occur your data is in safe hands.

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