Interested in being part of the Budgie community? Read on.

The platform

When you adopt the Budgie Single View Data Management platform, you're buying into a new way of working, one that will adapt and grow as your business needs evolve.

Budgie is built as a native cloud framework, that provides unlimited opportunities for workflow modules to be created. It allows legacy systems to be connected via APIs, to enable their valuable data to be shared quickly and easily in real time.


The prospects

Our ongoing development and improvement programme ensures that end users always have the latest version of the platform. In addition, with an increasing library of workflow modules to select from, by adopting Budgie, the continuous cycle of upgrading and replacing software is a thing of the past.

This flexibility and adaptability offers high potential customer loyalty with subsequent long term income streams from recurring user licensing.


The proposal

Bluerock wishes to grow the Budgie platform with a community ethos and are currently inviting interest from potential partners.



  • Probably already working within the business software market or similar.
  • Able to offer Budgie as a turnkey solution to existing customers or with opportunities for further development.
  • Able to offer Budgie as a new product line or, as a complement to existing services.
  • Provide Budgie as a managed service to your clients.



  • Possibly already have applications that could connect to the Budgie platform (to provide an enhanced service to your existing clients).
  • Interested in developing workflow modules that can be offered within the library for users to select from.


To find out more

During March and April 2017, we'll be running several informal prospective partner workshops (dates and venues to be confirmed), including a demonstration of the Budgie platform. In the spirit of partnership working we are interested in the added value potential partners can bring to the community.

To register your interest in this exciting opportunity please email including a short summary of your company and link to your website.

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