Budgie provides a comprehensive set of tools to manage your business needs.

Project management

At the heart of the Budgie platform is the project record. Quickly and easily create projects, assign appropriate users and departments, allocate budgets and record expenditure, all in real time. Raise orders from within the project record to ensure that enough allocated funds are available, the user has the appropriate authorised spending limit and only an approved supplier is selected.

Project management

Budget management

Easily set and allocate budgets at user and department level, validating and reconciling in real time with no possibility of allocating funds that don’t exist. Run detailed expenditure reports and quickly identify and move unallocated funds. Budgie runs over unlimited financial years making it simple to review previous spending and forecast future budgets.

Budget management

Order management

Raise new orders from within the project record to immediately validate against funds available and individual user spending limit, and queue orders outside of these limits for approval. Print or email approved orders for physical or electronic signature. Budgie logs payment of invoices against orders helping to reduce the risk of fraudulent invoices or accidental overpayment.

Order management

Module manager

Extend the core Budgie functionality with workflow modules. Simply select the module type you need from the module library, enter a few details and the new module is immediately active and ready for use. Modules can be configured globally for all departments to use or restricted to a single department or user - the choice is yours.

Modle manager

Budgie lets you take control...

User manager


Budgie allows your organisation complete control over individual user and departmental access and responsibility. Project access, editing rights and authorised spending limits can be easily set and amended.

organisation management


No two organisations are exactly alike, and Budgie’s organisational chart function allows you to add your own organisational structure. Easily add, amend or move users and departments with no loss of data.



Instantly see department summaries, budgets and potential overspends from the top of the organisation to individual projects, all in the same place and in real time with no need to chase data or create queries.

Audit trail

Audit trails

Every action and message is permanently recorded and archived and everything you need for a Freedom of Information (FOI) request is available in chronological order within a few clicks. No data is ever lost.

Task list

Task lists

Keep your ‘to do list’ in one easy to access place to simply add, edit or delete tasks as they are completed. Work straight from your dashboard without ever needing to leave Budgie or look for a scrap of paper.

Supplier management


Centralised supplier management within Budgie allows supplier location and contact details to be made available only to relevant departments to ensure orders aren’t inadvertently placed with incorrect suppliers.

Mobile connectivity

Access your messages, task list, key project information and approve or reject spending requests direct from the Budgie Manager mobile app. Authorisation of urgent or important orders no longer have to wait until the right person is next in the office - ideal for approval of out of hours emergency works requests. Simply download the app and log in to your Budgie account, no further authorisation steps are required.

Mobile connectivity