Single View Data Management

Manage financial data in real time on Budgie's powerful and intuitive web based platform.

Streamline your back office processes and join up your data with Budgie

A comprehensive budgeting, cost control, ordering and project management Cloud platform. If your organisation needs to manage, record and report on large amounts of diverse data quickly and easily then Budgie Single View Data Management is for you.

Easy to use

Budgie has been designed 'user first' with clean, intuitive and familiar workflows and requires minimal training.



Developed as an extendible framework, workflow modules are designed to work alongside or entirely replace your existing systems.



Capable of working with unlimited users, departments and projects, Budgie grows with your organisation.

Enter data once

Replace your dependency on spreadsheets and text documents with an intuitive browser based user interface that collects information at the point of origin. Once entered, data is immediately available throughout the platform, with no need for importing or re-keying data and no risk of data corruption or loss.

This simple approach allows for an easy switch from spreadsheets and text documents to an environment that looks and works in a similar way, with an important difference - the data will never need to be entered again and is easily retrievable.

Budget management

Powerful and intuitive

Robust enough to manage unlimited projects and cost centres in a single view, yet intuitive enough to only require minimal training. Budgie makes separate spreadsheets and databases a thing of the past.

Seamlessly join up and cross reference disparate data sources and view real time information at varying levels of granularity with just a few clicks.

Powerful and intuitive